Captain Sandy O'Malley

Your friendly cop on the beat


Captain Sandy O’Malley (Officer Sandy to everyone though really) is a friendly, gregarious, outgoing Ventrue. He speaks with a gentle Irish accent, and is known throughout town to Kindred and Kine alike to be a happy-go-lucky raconteur.

Until you cross the line. You didn’t see the line? That’s funny, because you crossed right over it. I can’t imagine how you didn’t see it and now we have a problem. Are you smiling at me you little Jack Frost? ‘Tis a cold wind that blows no good, and I’ll teach you to smile you worthless bootblack!

Captain O’Malley is Prince Annie’s highest ranking man in the MPD. He’s a carefree man’s man until someone crosses the law, mortal or Kindred. Then he becomes implacable in his pursuit of justice.


Captain Sandy O'Malley

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