Ernst Gruber

A Prussian but a Scholar


To hear him tell it, Ernst Gruber has been a participant in every major military effort made by German speakers between the first battle of the Tannenberg and the battle of Waterloo. How much of his tales are invention, memory, or fantasy no one can say, and no one would want to. Why ruin such wonderful stories?

The one story Ernst is less than willing to tell is the one of the fall of Berlin. The Kindred of the city were driven out by other vampires. Vampires who could walk in sunlight, summon blood in rivers from the mouths, eyes, and ears of the living, and whose very gaze burned the skin of other Kindred. Ernst escaped, but only with his life. Penniless and homeless, he made his way to Milwaukee and found employment in the service of Prince Jonathon. He serves him loyally in war and peace, and when negotiations must be endured with the east, it is Gruber who is sent to speak for the prince.


Ernst Gruber

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